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What other voice could serve you?

My Wednesday Wish for you: Round out Your Team

Today, I wish you the insight to assess who might be missing from your team. In the journey towards success, it’s crucial to surround yourself with a diverse array of thinkers, each bringing their unique perspectives and strengths. If everyone around you thinks alike, agrees on every point, and nods along without question, you might be sailing smoothly—but potentially towards a narrow horizon.

Reflect on the composition of your team. Do you have the challenger, the one who questions the status quo and pushes everyone to think deeper and work smarter? What about the empath, who ensures that decisions consider the well-being of all stakeholders? Is there a visionary who can paint an exciting future, sparking inspiration and driving innovation?

Don’t forget the pragmatist, whose due diligence anchors your ambitions in reality, ensuring that goals are achievable both practically and financially. And the motivator, essential for rallying the team’s spirit, especially when the going gets tough. Lastly, consider if you have the strategist and executor, someone capable of crafting plans and then leading the charge to see them through to completion.

If you find any of these roles unfilled, consider this an opportunity. Each missing piece is a chance to enhance your team’s capabilities and widen your collective perspective. The benefits of such diversity are profound: more well-rounded decisions, greater resilience in facing challenges, and a higher likelihood of achieving comprehensive success.

This week, take a deliberate step to identify and integrate these varied voices into your team or project. Ensuring every essential perspective is represented and heard will not only enrich the group dynamic but also elevate your outcomes.

Here’s to building a team that embodies the full spectrum of insight and talent. May your efforts to fill the gaps lead to a more robust, effective, and dynamic group, ready to move forward with strength and unity.

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