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Do you access these components of Grit?

Imagine you’re steering your ship through a wild, stormy sea. The waves rear up like angry giants, crashing against your vessel. It feels like the world is throwing its worst at you, daring you to turn back. But you stand firm at the helm, eyes fixed on the distant horizon.

Sorry to sound so dramatic; that’s what it feels like to be an entrepreneur. It’s not all flashy launches and instant success. It’s more like a rollercoaster ride through a storm. And in that storm, your anchor comes down to one gritty word: perseverance.

Perseverance is that determination that sets successful entrepreneurs apart. The fire keeps burning, even after a series of setbacks. It’s the unwavering belief in your vision, the refusal to give up even when the odds seem insurmountable.

Perseverance comes in a package deal with purpose and a calling; it keeps you going, but the calling comes with a price if you decide to stick it out. You may have 18-hour-a-days for a while. Unless you have a lot of passion for your work and your calling, you may not see your vision to fruition.

What drives perseverance

Undoubtedly, it comes down to passion. Otherwise, your perseverance is often misguided by the wrong intentions. Passion is the engine that puts perseverance into overdrive to think up big ideas, solve big problems, and make the world a better place. No passion, no perseverance. You can try, but without it, your tenacity will fizzle out because your heart’s not in it.

Here are some down-to-earth tips to persevere and keep that fire burning:

  1. Know Your Big Dream: What’s your end game? Picture it vividly. It could be having a thriving business, making a difference, or leaving a mark in your industry.
  2. Learn from Flops: Think of setbacks as lessons. Each “no” is a signpost pointing you in a different direction. It’s not a dead end; it’s a detour.
  3. Change Tactic if Needed: Being persistent is good, but being stubborn can sink a ship. If one approach isn’t working, try a different route.
  4. Rally Your Troops: Surround yourself with people who believe in you. They’re like your cheerleaders, lifting you up when things get heavy.
  5. Toast to Small Wins: Entrepreneurship isn’t a sprint. It’s more like a marathon. Celebrate the little victories along the way. They’ll keep you motivated.

There is immense joy in persevering and finally seeing the fruits of your labor. Remember, your job as an entrepreneur or business leader is to do whatever it takes to create value and impact, serve others, and make the world a better place. Always pull on the side of hope, strength, compassion, and … perseverance to make it all happen.


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