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Did you do your best today?

Wednesday Wish

Living up to our full potential, even when we don’t feel like it

Today, resolve to keep moving forward, even when every fiber of your being screams to pull back. Remember, living up to your full potential isn’t always about peak performance; sometimes, it’s about maintaining momentum with intentionality and effort, no matter how small; even if it’s 60% or 80% of your usual effort.

In challenging times, it can be tempting to completely retreat and wait for the storm to pass. However, the key to enduring such periods is to balance grace with intentional action. Keep your muscles—both mental and physical—active, to prevent atrophy. This doesn’t mean ignoring your need for rest or recovery; rather, it involves choosing to take even the smallest step forward to keep the pathway to your goals clear.

Think of it as nurturing a plant. Even on cloudy days, the plant doesn’ cease to grow; it simply adjusts to the available light and conserves its energy for sunnier days. Similarly, by continuing to act, even in  reduced capacity, you ensure that your skills and your resolve do not wane but instead adapt and strengthen, ready to burst forth when conditions improve.

So, if you find yourself in a tough spot, give yourself permission to operate at whatever capacity you can manage today. This is not about pushing through pain or ignoring your limits; it’s about recognizing them and deciding to move within them thoughtfully and purposefully.

And as you do, celebrate every effort—big or small—as a testament to your resilience. This balanced approach of grace and intentionality will not only help you through the present challenges but also position you better for the return to full strength.

Here’s to the courage to keep going, the wisdom to adjust your sails when necessary, and the fortitude to act with intention, no matter the circumstance. Keep moving, keep growing, and trust that you are still making progress towards your full potential. My wish is that no matter what, each day, you can say you did your best.

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