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Building bridges

My Wednesday Wish for you,

Today, I wish for you the skill and patience to build bridges of. understanding, especially between those who are future-oriented and those who live firmly in the present. Bridging this gap is crucial in teams, relationships, and leadership, ensuring that everyone moves forward together, regardless of their focus.

Future-oriented thinkers often envision grand possibilities and leaps forward, but they may struggle to communicate these visions to those who are more grounded in the present. These visionaries need to articulate not just the “what” and the “why”, but include the present oriented to help determine the “how”, making their ideas accessible and engaging to everyone. It’s about showing the steps on the bridge, illuminating the path from here to there, making the journey feel safe and worthwhile. Importantly, incorporating present-oriented perspectives ensures that their plans are grounded and actionable.

Conversely, those who are present-oriented excel in dealing with the here and now. They often focus on practicalities and may resist changes that seem too disruptive or unclear. When communicating with future-oriented individuals, they must strive to embrace the potential of new ideas and help map out practical steps that make those ideas achievable. It’s their role to ensure that the bridge has a solid foundation and that every plank is securely in place. By bringing their focus on detail and immediate implications, they can help fine tune the visionary plans, making them more robust and ready for implementation. Embracing the change and participating in the plan can ensure it’s success.

For leaders who are future-oriented, remember: while your comfort with ambiguity can be a strength, it can also be a barrier. About 73% of the population prefers more certainty and clarity. Therefore, leading effectively means pacing your initiatives to match the comfort and capacity of your team. It involves understanding their perspectives, addressing their concerns, and making sure that both future and present-oriented individuals have a seat at the planning table.

This week, whether you’re a dreamer or a doer, take the time to understand and appreciate the other side. Think about how you can build bridges that accommodate both perspectives, ensuring that. everyone can cross together safely and confidently.

My wish for you is to successfully navigate these differences, forging a path that honors both the journey and the destination. Here’s to building bridges that unite us and allow us to cross into new horizons together.

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